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I’m Violet, I’m 15, I go to Medina College and have been doing work experience at the Ventnor Exchange this week. I have never been to the Ventnor Fringe, yet already I have found out lots about it and what it features. Here are 5 weird and wonderful things that I’m looking forward to seeing at the Fringe!

1.) It lasts longer than most festivals
The Ventnor Fringe is unlike many festivals for many reasons, but particularly one; instead of lasting for 3 days, it lasts for 6, meaning that you can do much more! The events start early and end late as well, meaning that there is always going to be something to do.

2.) Some of the venues are really weird!
Every act at the Fringe will have a unique performance, so why not host unique performances in unique places? Some great venues that artists have performed at before have been in laundrettes, in abandoned mansions, on rooftops and even in front of somebody’s garage! The unique atmosphere gives you the vibe of being in a music video, which makes the performance that much more enjoyable!

3.) There is a lot of variety!
If you think that there may not be an act for you at the Ventnor Fringe, think again! Acts at the festival perform in many different genres and many different art forms, from freestyle hip-hop to classical music and from theatre performances to visual art galleries; there truly is something for everyone!

4.) More freedom to choose
At the Fringe, there are many different acts to go and see, but don’t think you are restricted to any one stage! Any visitor only pays for whatever they want to see, and do not have to pay for what they do not want to go and see.

5.) The Festival costs less than you think
To top everything off, the fringe is a very affordable event, with most acts costing maximum £10 and many acts being free! Again, you can go and see what you want to see when you want to see it, so you will not be paying lots for anything you do not want to go and see!

That’s all, I hope to see you at the festival! I for sure will be at the screening of The Life Aquatic on Tuesday 7th August at 9pm at the Harbourside!
Violet is on a work experience placement with the Ventnor Exchange. Placements are provided as part of our drive to provide more opportunities for those looking to develop careers in the creative industries on the Isle of Wight.



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