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On a serious note we have six full days of spectacularly different and fanciful events lined up. This year sees the return of the beautiful Moroccan tent that featured on the Ventnor Green in the second year. Events have been extended to the Botanic Garden in two different areas: The Lawn and The Studio. Also back with vengeance is our third year running of The Observatory. This year the area will be hosted by The Quay Arts. 
After eight months of paper filing and sheet signing the guys are now in their new home, The Ventnor Exchange. There may be patchy walls and even patchier areas of flooring but please bear in mind this will all change after Fringe. Walking through the giant Roald Dahl door you’ll encounter the usual eclectic furniture and sporadic wall hangings and some very large EMPTY champagne bottles. But you will find no bare nails, we’ve checked. An ample range of vinyl records are available to purchase now. Just a few of these are Beirut, Palma Violets, The Acid, 13th Floor Elevators and Arctic Monkeys.Writing inside the humble shell that The Exchange currently is, the small window onto the pavement causes many a passer-by to stop and ask questions. “I need to post this parcel. Will it arrive tomorrow if I use first class stamps?” “Well” (Adjusts invisible glasses and leans forward to the open window that displays Fringe Programs) “It’s hard to say, usually that would work with next day delivery.” “How much will that cost?”“I did it with a pair of shoes once and it cost £5 but if you ask the post office they can help…” We can help you with tickets, but be aware that parcels posted through the window will not reach their destinations.


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