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Ahead of his ‘in-store’ performance tomorrow as part of our Record Store Day celebrations, we had a quick chat with Fox Rawding, who performs live as Goo Lagoon.


Hi Fox, It’s nearly a year since you released your first EP out into the word. It was the perfect fit for long, lazy summer days and featured in lots of our store playlists. Have you got a follow up planned?
Hi Ventnor Exchange, I’m glad you liked the EP! The followup is actually nearly finished and will be out in the next couple of weeks. It’s called “Today’s Alien” and will hopefully fit those lazy summer days too, but this time with a little sprinkling of some extra omni-seasonal spice.


Your playing Record Store Day at the Ventnor Exchange on Saturday, do you think there is still a place for vinyl and physical shops in this digital world?
100%. The physical record is the perfect vessel for music, and there’s nothing like flicking through stacks of album art and artist names to find something that sticks out at you. Records are a really nice thing to buy and own and collect and obsess over as well.


Can you remember the very first album you ever bought?
I’d like to say something really interesting but I have a bad feeling it was the seminal masterpiece that is Paramore’s “Riot!”. Bargain bin in HMV. A classic.


Last year you played at our Ventnor International Festival (VIF) where we tried to get more bands and labels interested in coming down to the Island. You’ve also played at new venue Strings in Newport. Do you think the Island’s music scene is improving?
Yes! There are so many great young bands that are writing stuff with real artistic merit, and so many kids coming out to the shows. I think everyone in the scene right now is really grateful for all the love and support from people who seem to really enjoy the music.


What music are you listening to at the moment?
I’ve been trying not listen to much while I’ve been recording the album, but Beastie Boys’ “Paul’s Boutique” has been my go to when I’m in desperate need of a shaken rump. I really like the new Hinds album too (“I Don’t Run”).

Thanks Fox, see you tomorrow!
Catch Goo Lagoon tomorrow live at Ventnor Exchange at 17:00hrs. Check out the full line up for the day here and view the RSD titles we’ll have in stock here


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