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Yoppul have posted a great review of last weekends Undecided on Love exhibition, read an extract below or view the whole article here.

On Friday night I boldly piloted a Toyota Aygo from Newport, weaving over the hills through the dark forbidding hamlets of central Wight and down into the splendid isolation of Ventnor.

The southern corner of our Island is uniquely beautiful, but unless you actually live down there it is a journey to embark on only with very good reasons.

Luckily, I had one, as I was going to see the new exhibition by the Ventnor-based group of artists who call themselves the Undecided Art Collective.

The theme of the collection was at once generic and unique to every artist: ‘Love’. (It did not escape my attention that the show was timed nicely for whimsical Valentine’s Day gifts.)

Undecided On Love was hosted in the relatively-newborn Ventnor Exchange on Church Street—though the word ‘hosted’ understates the symbiotic relationship between the Exchange team (who also run the annual Ventnor Fringe) and the artists themselves.

I was shown around the room by Rachael Berry, who organised much of the event as well as displaying her own distinctive work. I found myself drawn back to her captivating images of hyperrealistic hearts and flesh.

Continue reading the rest of the article at Yoppul

Words and Photo by Thomas Seal


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