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As we emerge from lockdown after an incredibly challenging 12 months, Ventnor Exchange is pleased to publish our Recovery Plan, which sets out our priorities for the year ahead.

Like many organisations we’ve been reflecting on our work and practices a great deal over the past year, listening closely to our audiences and exploring what we can do differently.

We want Ventnor Exchange and our work to be accessible to everyone, and one way we can do this is by providing greater transparency about the organisation and what we’re up to.  With this in mind and for the first time we’re publishing our Business Plan so everyone can view our current priorities.

Given the incredibly uncertain times we’re all living through this year we’ve created what we’ve titled our ‘Recovery Plan’ which is a sort of  ‘mini-business plan’ to lead us out of the pandemic. We plan to publish our new 3 year Business Plan in Spring 2022.

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