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At the forefront of supporting any emerging band and any local music scene is the role of independent record labels. Often DIY outfits set up by people passionate about music and who want to help artists get their music out to new audiences.
The Island is fortunate to have a host of labels such as Chalkpit Records, Macaroni Teeth Records and now Slingshot Records joins this list. Jack Barnes had a chat with it’s founders Rob Thompson and Phil Truckel…

Both of you have previous experience in music & the arts but what made you want to form your own record label?
We have between us experienced the world of theatre, education, radio and television professionally and now it is our time to experience the independent music industry on a professional basis. We both love, listen to and play music and now is our chance to influence and broaden our culture by bringing new music to listeners. That sounds grand but it’s true. We aim for Slingshot Records to provide a platform for acts to pick up some collective momentum and to make progress.

Your debut release was ‘Somewhen’ by Folk Rockers Slombers Woke. Can you give us a few words to describe the album?
A local band with universal ideas, Slombers Woke inspire with their beautifully crafted original songs. Folk rock with shades of Crowded House, Chris Stapleton and Gomez are delivered with an added edge thanks to vocals provided by Paddy Cullen: think Pearl Jam and Reef. Beautiful harmonies, dancing baselines and gorgeous guitar riffs and solos await your turntables and ears. And, if you get a chance to catch them live, don’t miss it!
The LP is out on CD and Vinyl Release, Why did you choose to release it on vinyl and do you think there is still a place for records in the digital age?
Honestly…vinyl was just too damn tempting and was our first choice because the recordings were so strong. Vinyl has a better sonic range and what better way to serve these songs. We wanted the Slombers Woke fans to have the best experience possible. We do put our records out on all digital platforms too because that is how the world listens to new music these days but people do still like the real world and vinyl definitely still has a role to play in 2018. The proof is that the vinyl sells.
Finally, What are the future plans for Slingshot Records?
We are humble beginners at present. Rob is full time now and Phil somehow combines label duties with a full time job. We have a clear set of values and have set up as a private limited company. You can find out more about the acts and us at For now, in year one, we are focusing on our first three acts; Bluest Boy, Arcane and Slombers Woke. Beyond that we aim to expand, to develop our roster and to build the brand of Slingshot Records, locally and nationally. We have good links now with other independent record labels and we hope to build an exchange programme where our acts share their music region to region.
You can purchase Slombers Woke’s album ‘Somewhen’ from the Ventnor Exchange.
Find out more about Slingshot Records on their website here


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