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The nationally acclaimed Paines Plough Theatre Company return to Ventnor Exchange next week with a new play called Pop Muisc, a collaboration with Birmingham Rep. We caught up with the team to find out a little more about what we can expect
Hello! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. So to start us off, we wanted to ask if you could you give us a brief description of Pop Music?
Pop Music is a piece of gig theatre that celebrates pop music across the ages! It’s fun, loud and an emotional rollercoaster.

Pop Music is a captioned performance. Could you explain how this works in a theatre setting for those who may not know?
Captioned performances enable deaf and hard of hearing audience members to read the script alongside the performance, it is integrated into the whole dynamic of the show and makes it an easy, accessible way to enjoy the performance.

Was it difficult producing a play about music which could also be accessible to people with hearing loss?
The idea of integrating BSL into the performance was there from the very beginning of the process, it is a key aspect of the performance and a fun way to ensure the show is accessible!

Pop Music has been described as ‘gig theatre’ What does that mean and what can audiences expect?
Gig Theatre is theatre which is underscored by music, there’s music throughout the show and it is a key component of the show. It means the audience isn’t just sitting watching a performance, it’s more like a gig!
The play is billed as being ‘for anyone that’s ever been a dick on the dance floor’ do you have any embarrassing dance floor stories you’d like to share?
Too many!! Favourite is when you confidently sing a long full belt to a song and then realise you don’t know the words….
You can book tickets for POP MUSIC here


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