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Bonjour! Jack Barnes here once again. With the Ventnor Exchange filmmaking workshops ongoing this week, I thought I’d take this opportunity to get your creativity flowing by shining a light on the newly released music video by Island band Plastic Mermaids, titled ‘1996’.

The music video follows a heartwarmingly-bizarre love story of man and machine. The Video was shot in multiple familiar island locations such as Sandown arcade, The Rose in Ventnor and one of the most noticeable & beautifully awkward scenes takes place on the Island link trainline. The band stated on their facebook page that “The video was without doubt the most socially awkward thing I’ve ever done. The glasses I was wearing I couldn’t see more than 5 inches in front of my face and the robot outfit was the definition of a sweatbox”.
Plastic Mermaids are a perfect example of a true, creativity fuelled band that aren’t afraid to take risks and it’s definitely paying off.
Check the video out here


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