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To prepare for his upcoming performance at Ventnor Exchange on the 4th October, Jack Barnes had a quick chat with comedian, Ahir Shah.

Hi Ahir! You’re performing your new comedy show ‘Duffer’ on the 4th of October at Ventnor Exchange. Could you give us a rough idea of what to expect?
Duffer is a stand-up show about death and what comes before, life and what comes after, and Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s considerably funnier than that sentence sounds.
Last year your previous show ‘Control’ was nominated for the Best Show at the 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and you have been described by the Daily Telegraph as one of your generations most eloquent comic voices. How has this praise affected your career?
It’s 1pm on a Wednesday and I’m currently drinking cold tea in my pyjamas so it’s safe to say it’s really propelled me into the stratosphere.

The theme of fascism and other political issues have been mentioned in your comedy. Why do you think it’s important for comedians to tackle these subjects?
I don’t know whether it is particularly important in the grand scheme of things, and I certainly don’t think all comedy needs to be about “weighty” topics any more than I would want every film to be a tear-inducing drama, but it’s nice that one can. I think the best thing about comedy is the freedom basically to talk about whatever you want on the condition that it’s funny.
You started comedy when you were 15, so it’s safe to say you’ve been going for some time. What advice would you give to our readers who may want to pursue a career in stand up?
Get off my turf!
Ahir will be performing his new show ‘Duffer’ on the 4th of october at Ventnor Exchange at 8:00pm. Tickets are available here


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