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A year ago I got given a book. For six months I was unable to figure out what, exactly, I was holding in my hands. As the story began to slowly uncoil I became mesmerised by it. At its root it’s the simple story of a couple who move into a house and discover that the house is unimaginably bigger on the inside than it seems. 

House of Leaves is a dizzying tale of disorientation, adventure and the unfamiliar. On the one hand, it’s an honest portrayal of a young man losing his mind. On the other, it’s the fascinating story of the physically impossible, the uncanny, the unknown and the sheer vastness of our universe. It’s also, quite possibly, a love story.”

I’m about to begin work on a very ambitious but exciting journey which starts at the Ventnor Exchange. I’m currently exploring the book with the aim of creating a show and the brilliant team at the Exchange have given me a two week residency to explore the idea. So far I’ve met a couple of local writers and designers, we’ve been talking about black holes, ideas of labyrinth and maze building, artists like Christoph Buchel and music by Superpoze. This Pintrest board has begun to emerge:

I’m now reaching out, seeking people to come in and join me in short sessions over the next two weeks. Could this be you? From 16th – 27th of May I’m seeking collaborators from a range of backgrounds (you absolutely don’t have to be connected to theatre or live performance) who would be interested in coming in to spend an afternoon, morning or day with me playing around with ideas, concepts, designs and ways to tell the story. You could be a visual artist, sound designer, psychologist, animator, puppeteer, musician, scientist, philosopher, actor, dancer, writer, director, or something I haven’t even thought of yet…


Does this sound like you?

Then drop me a line at and I’d be happy to tell you more.

Simon Lyshon is an award winning actor and theatre maker. Simon trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. After graduating he co-founded devised theatre company Engineer Theatre Collective (recent work includes the Off West End nominated RUN) and has deepened his understanding of theatre making through practical experience with artists including Complicite, Katie Mitchell, John Wright, Ivo Van Hove, Tim Etchells, Sue Buckmaster and Simon Stone.

If your aged between 16 and 25 Simon will be running a free Audition Masterclass on Sunday 29th May. Find out more here



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