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Wes Anderson’s seminal masterpiece Moonrise Kingdom will be shown! Anderson’s film truly encompasses the delightful ‘never-land’ world of Sam and Suzy, two 12 year olds who fall in love and run away. He captures the doorway between late childhood and very early adulthood, a stage of confusion for many.

Protagonists Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman) and Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) meet in the summer of 1964. The pair flee their New England town, forcing a local search party, headed by Ed Norton, to take action.

Interspersed between romantic and albeit staid kissing scenes, we get glimpses into their real lives and here begins the truly dark nature behind the simplicity of Anderson’s work.  Sam’s orphan background and hisdealings with the cool and collected Tilda Swinton, playing an officious woman from Social Services, add depth to the storyline. This is made darker by Suzy’s life; with her mother having had an affair and her depressed father.Catch ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ at The Woodland Bar, which is behind Trinity Church on Trinity Road – number 11 on the map. It’s a 15 to 20 minute walk from The Exchange.

The Woodland Bar is a fantastic venue, perfect for outdoor viewings, drama workshops and late evening drinks whilst listening to live acoustic sessions.

Rated (12A) the film features scenes not appropriate for young children.

Words: Isabella Joyner | Picture: Catriona Macaulay


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